Gu Kangli embraces public welfare and "love arrives" in Guizhou

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 "Enterprises, while creating value and realizing their own value, also bear responsibilities from employees, consumers, the environment, and society"-"Gu Kangli's gentleman loves money well" book!


Since its establishment, Gu Kangli has assumed corporate social responsibility as an important part of the company's development, injected public welfare into the "corporate gene", continuously transmitted positive energy to the society, and committed to representing social responsibility for adhesive chemical companies.

  On September 14th, the Gu Kangli Public Welfare Group and a group of caring people set off from Shenzhen and entered the Guiba Primary School of Suiyang, Guizhou and Liangfeng Village of Qianxi County. Guizhou has many mountains and is named as eight mountains, one water and one farmland. The beautiful natural scenery also explains the reason for its poverty. Just like the destination we went to this time, the mountains surround it to create a paradise. Establish a natural barrier for local development. For the children here, the outside is just a dream in their minds, but the truth is far away.

One: Gu Kangli walked into the recruiting elementary school ---- to make a promise with the children

  At 8 o'clock in the morning, the public welfare group rushed from the Gouba resident in Zunyi City to the Recruitment Elementary School. Suiyang County, where the school is located, is a state-level poverty-stricken county, lacking local resources, traffic jams, rugged roads, and little arable land. During the journey of more than three hours, the leader took everyone to repeatedly practice the Young Pioneers team song "We are the successors of communism". The familiar melody takes everyone back to the school days and eliminates the fatigue of the journey.

       Classmates wore bright red scarves for brothers and sisters who came from afar to relive the goodness of the beginning of life.

    The simple and energetic singing voice under the national flag flows into the desire for learning and the enthusiasm for guests from afar. The long-lost campus memory burst in an instant, and we were all elementary school students at that moment.


  This time the school charity team brought computers and extracurricular books to the school. I hope they can have more opportunities and ways to contact the outside world. At the same time, they have helped a group of exceptionally poor students with excellent academic performance. Plant a seed of hope here and use action to tell the children that as long as you are willing to study hard, there are always good people in the society who are willing to help you and provide you with opportunities.

The Gu Kangli charity team took a group photo with the students to leave a beautiful moment.

  At noon, we were deeply impressed by the nutritious lunch in the school cafeteria, because with the efforts of schools, the government, and caring people from all walks of life, the lives of children living in rural areas in the west are improving step by step.

  When talking with school teachers and students about school needs, teachers and students hope to enrich students' extracurricular reading life. The school library's existing books are very scarce because of the lack of tables and chairs, students can only sit while reading. On the ground. Gu Kangli hopes that in the later period, he can connect with more social resources, help the school to donate more books that meet the needs of students as much as possible, and improve the library hardware as much as he can. At the same time, we also hope that more caring people will join our charity team to help these children and bring more spiritual food for them.


  Just one morning together is enough for everyone to care about each other. For the public good, we will go there, and will adhere to the promise reached with the children.

Gu Kangli walked into Liangfeng Village, Qianxi ---- Corporate Social Responsibility

  This charity action team visited a total of 7 difficult families, homes surrounded by stubborn walls, and the lack of young and middle-aged laborers from the home. Looking at the children's bright and bewildered eyes, everyone involuntarily expressed a sadness and wanted to give the children More help and love.

  Don't give up, kid! No matter how much suffering your family has, the love from the country and society will always accompany you. The original purpose of our arrival is to leave a ray of hope in your hearts. We have no intention to spy on their lives, nor do we want to praise our greatness. As a company, we have a deeper understanding of "the enterprise not only creates value and realizes its own value, but also bears responsibility from employees, consumers, the environment, and "Social responsibility".

Three: Gu Kangli walked into Liangfeng Village of Qianxi ---- we are moved

   Our companions tell us that compared with previous years, the village appearance of Liangfeng Village has been changing for the better. This kind of change can be felt even when we pass for the first time. The local government is improving the living standards of the villagers with their hearts and practical actions.

   A newly-built cement road leads directly to the hinterland of Liangfeng Village. Villagers have better access to the outside, and children no longer have to take dirt roads to go to school. At the same time, we also learned that due to the lack of local materials, a family earns only over 1,000 yuan or even a few hundred yuan a year. All villagers with a little labor ability go to work outside the home to make up their homes. The proportion of left-behind children and left-behind elderly is as high as 90%. the above.

  Mr. Yang Hong graduated from Communication University of China in his early years. He visited Guizhou 6 years ago and saw the current situation of children in mountainous areas. He learned that Liangfeng Village Elementary School needs teachers. He left everything in Gansu and came to this village. He teaches the children and works for families without labor after school. At the same time, he teaches the children of the extremely poor families to learn by self-reliance and self-reliance. He does not teach now, but he never visits home visits once a year. He always pays attention to the children's learning. Situations and psychological changes. After learning about our schedule this year, we deliberately set off from Lanzhou half a month in advance and arrived at Liangfeng Village in advance to wait for us.

  Each visiting family posted a caring and loving card, which recorded the information of the caring teacher and the matching students, and said in red font "if you have any difficulties or requests, please call the teacher"; each child took it with him A positioning watch sent by the government for free can find and solve the problem as soon as it gets lost or has problems. These measures have truly solved the problem of the safety and care of left-behind children. At this moment, our hearts are full of emotions. The country, schools, public welfare organizations, and caring people are doing what we are doing now. On the road of public welfare, we are not alone. This strengthens Gu Kangli's action to explain Social responsibility determination.

  These eyes are the real influx of emotions, conveying an impulse and simplicity to want to love with heart. If you ask us why Gu Kangli spends manpower and material resources to do public welfare, this is a good answer to inject public welfare into the "corporate gene."

Gu Kangli embraces public welfare and "love arrives" in Guizhou
"Enterprises, while creating value and realizing their own value, also bear responsibilities from employees, consumers, the environment, and society"-"Gu Kangli's gentleman loves money well" book!
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